Meet the Team!

Janet Katowitz


Janet is the glue that holds Sage Media together.  She oversees day-to-day operations, client account management, and staff training. Earning a living in politics since 1980, Janet has directed door-to-door fundraising canvasses, managed campaigns, and coordinated political operations for state legislative caucuses. After meeting a media buyer while working on a campaign, she combined her passion for politics with her love of pop culture, TV, and shopping into one dream job.  Janet’s steady leadership, uncanny problem-solving ability, and boundless enthusiasm are key foundations for  Sage Media’s continued growth and success. You can expect to find MSNBC or the Bravo network playing on one of the 8 TVs in her DC home.

Michele Certo

Media Buying

A veteran of political campaigns since 1993 and a buyer since 2000, Michele has crafted media strategy in over 35 states for everything from small city council races to large national Super PACs.  She once even found an artist to craft a crop circle of a client’s logo in an Iowa soy field.  Her ability to get an opponent’s ad taken down, once prompted an angry opponent to label her a “DC bully lawyer” in the press (She’s not). When not working Michele is most likely debating the finer points of General Hospital  on Twitter, decorating a cake, or singing whatever popped into her head.

Casey Bessette

Media Buying

Casey started working at Sage Media during the 2010 cycle, after graduating from American University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Law, Economics and Government. Our youngest hire at the time, she’s been with us for almost seven years and is now one of the most senior staff members. Originally from New Hampshire, Casey was raised to be a diehard Democrat with a love of politics. In 2012, Casey was a lead buyer on a Presidential Super PAC, giving her invaluable experience in managing a national campaign. In addition, Casey is an avid consumer of television, with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of broadcast network’s programming schedules; so much so, she’s referred to as a human TV Guide.

Bobby Mushroe

Media Buying

Bobby cut his teeth in the world of Michigan politics, working for six years as a field organizer and fundraiser on races including Gary Peters’ 2008 congressional pickup.  He joined Sage Media in 2011 and specializes in legislative caucuses & Spanish-language outreach. A graduate of University of Michigan’s Ford School, he now puts those quantitative skills to work on geographic & demographic political data. Bobby cites electoral trivia the way other people cite sports stats.

Lauren Richards

Media Buying

Lauren has been with Sage Media since 2011. She has largely focused on state caucuses especially in the Midwest and West Coast, working on state-party and IE campaigns in Alaska, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Prior to becoming a media buyer, she was a fundraising consultant as call-time manager for Senator Sherrod Brown in his 2006 campaign and with clients including Senator Jeanne Shaheen and the William J Clinton Foundation. During the 2010 cycle she was Finance Director for Congressman Mike Arcuri. Because of her fundraising experience, Lauren knows how hard campaigns work to raise money – so she is very careful to spend it wisely. A Minnesota native, Lauren moved home to Minneapolis in 2015, where she continues to work remotely for Sage. Her favorite television show is Law & Order, and she often sings the theme song while placing buys.

Cathy Buckley

Competitive Tracking

Cathy started as a Media Buyer in 1998 and has bought at all levels from local Mayoral races to Presidential campaigns.  In 2009 she began utilizing her buying expertise and station relationships to provide campaigns with the earliest notification of opposition activity.  She has tracked the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Primary and General Campaigns, as well as statewide legislative races, and everything in between. Cathy is also a mother of five young children, so she can handle anything you throw at her.

Eileen Proudlock

Competitive Tracking

Since joining our competitive team in 2011, Eileen has exhaustively tracked competitive for races around the country and at every level from city council to the Presidency.  She brings 14 years of political and policy experience, including campaigns in Michigan, Texas, and Missouri. Eileen’s favorite show used to be pretty much anything on Bravo but now it’s anything but Caillou.

Brady Schuckman

Client Finance

Since joining us in 2013, Brady has managed all of our clients’ finance activities for campaigns at every level and in every part of the country.  In addition, he has also streamlined all aspects of the media finance process, saving our clients time and money.  Prior to joining us as Director of Client Finance, Brady directed the successful fundraising operations of more than five congressional and statewide campaigns throughout the United States.  Brady also managed all accounting and compliance to ensure each campaign met the requirements of Federal Election Commission.  Brady served three years in the United States Marine Corps infantry.

Pattie Durgin


Pattie has over 20 years of experience in operations, recruiting, and project management for Democratic media agencies. She joined us in 2006, and prides herself on keeping our business running like a well-oiled machine. An avid Walking Dead fan, Pattie is also the mother of two teenage girls, so she fears nothing.